Share Your Interests, Collections, Hobbies or Passions
Are you or a family member an aspiring or accomplished golfer, musician, gardener? Do you have a collection of cars, jewelry, art, musical instruments? Are you renovating a home or vintage vehicle? Do you sail, mountain climb, collect vintage recordings? Cooper Maron will work with you to document and preserve your passion.

Preserve Your Family or Personal History
Did your family travel from another country to find success in the United States? Are there interesting characters in your family tree? Historical figures? Hometown heroes? Do you or a family member have a personal accomplishment you’d like to preserve?

Provide a Tribute or Memorial Presentation
Interested in honoring someone about to retire? Is a family member celebrating a momentous anniversary or accomplishment? Would you like to preserve the memory of a loved one or friend?

Document Your Travels and Adventures
Relive your travel adventures and family vacations again and again with the help of a Cooper Maron crewthat travels with you or meets you at selected locations to document your activities, thoughts and feelings as they occur.

Capture a Significant Event
Cooper Maron doesn’t just film your important events.
We work with you before, during and after the event
to create broadcast quality documentaries you’ll be
proud to share with family and friends.

Promote a Cause
Open the world’s eyes to the causes you support
with a documentary that captures the need and the
organization responding to that need.