A documentary or film production can be completed in as little as 3 to 4 weeks for coverage of an event or for a subject requiring minimal research and shoot locations. More complex productions can take two months to a year, depending on the amount of research, number of interviews, number of shoot locations, etc. All Cooper Maron productions follow the same basic process:

Step One: Input Meeting
Meet with a Cooper Maron production team to tell us in detail about the story you want to tell and your ideas about how you’d like to tell it.

Step Two: Budget and Scheduling
Based on your input and ideas, our team presents a proposed budget
and production schedule that maps out the costs and timeline for creating
your show.

Step Three: Concept and Production
Depending on your content requirements, this phase could include researching your topic, conducting interviews with family, friends or others, writing a script, and shooting at various locations.

Step Four: Post Production
Once the script is finalized and shooting is complete, it’s time to create the soundtrack including any narration, music or sound effects. It’s also time to edit all the elements into a finished production for your approval.

Step Five: Packaging and Delivery
Our design team creates an original package
for your DVD and then duplicates the DVD and
packaging to suit your needs. Additionally,
your film can be uploaded to an existing
website or, our team of award-winning
web site designers would be happy to
work with you to create a site that
would allow visitors to view your
film over the Internet.