Cooper Maron Commissioned Films is the inspiration of award-winning directors Benjamin Cooper Barineau and Cara Maron Barineau. In 1995, this husband and wife team founded BlueMarble Media, one of the nation’s premier producers of high-profile corporate films and web site designs.

Having won literally hundreds of national and international awards for their work, the Barineaus dreamed of focusing their talents on films about the personal events and stories of private individuals – people with interesting lives and an appreciation for well produced documentaries.

The Barineaus’ thinking was simple: many people have events, memories and stories they want to preserve – why shouldn’t private individuals of means be able to have personal films that are every bit as well crafted and engaging as an award-winning documentary?

With Cooper Maron and its extensive, award-winning team, the Barineaus are bringing to life their vision of professional film production for the private individual.